Health effects of e-cigarettes

Many beginners are concerned about the health effects of vaping when starting to use electronic cigarettes. So here is a detailed introduction to the contents of the liquid used in e-cigarettes.

Health risks from vaping are infinitely low.

The liquid sold in Japan contains no nicotine or tar, so it does not pose the same respiratory risks as paper cigarettes. In addition, the non-flavoring ingredients in the liquid, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, are well-known additives used in various foods, so the risks associated with vape use are quite low.

However, be sure to check the source of the liquid you are purchasing. There have been cases where toxic substances have been found in inferior products that do not list the vape manufacturer or are too inexpensive, so it is a must for beginners to purchase from a reliable dealer when choosing a vape.

Vape is gentle to the environment

Since e-cigarettes produce scented vapor, there is no health risk to those around you, and it is less likely to cause discomfort.

Also, since the vape can be used in rooms where paper cigarettes are strictly prohibited, once you purchase a vape, you can easily enjoy it anywhere and anytime, which is a very big attraction! *Please be sure to observe good manners and do not smoke in areas that are clearly marked as non-smoking areas.

Before introducing specific recommended devices, let us first introduce three types of e-cigarette devices as basic knowledge.

  • Disposable type
  • POD type
  • MOD type

Below is a brief explanation of the mechanism and features of each type.

Disposable Vape

Disposable e-cigarettes are literally thrown away after use. The appeal of disposable e-cigarettes is their low price, starting at less than 500 yen per unit, but the cost performance is not so good when used over a long period of time, as the entire device must be repurchased.

Also, while general e-cigarettes require maintenance, disposable e-cigarettes do not require any daily maintenance because the device is replaced.

Other features of disposable e-cigarettes are that the container, liquid, and battery come as a set, so there is little customization capability, such as adding your own favorite liquid or reassembling the parts. However, on the other hand, its simple structure and easy operation make it a good choice for a trial bottle.

POD Vape

The POD type is a device that consists of a combination of a “POD,” which is a set of a tank for injecting liquid and a heating coil, and a battery. The POD can be filled with liquid or an empty POD, which is then attached to the battery.

The main maintenance for e-cigarettes is cleaning the tank and replacing the coils, but the POD type does not require such maintenance because the entire POD is replaced.

Depending on the type of POD, the price of the device is relatively low, and the cost performance is not bad. Also, since you can choose your favorite flavor from a myriad of e-cigarettes available, you have a much wider choice of flavors than with disposable types.

By carrying multiple PODs with you, you can choose the flavor that best suits your mood, and this is recommended for those who want to enjoy a maintenance-free, full-fledged electronic cigarette.

For these reasons, it is no exaggeration to say that this is the most suitable type for your first one.

MOD Vape

The MOD type is close to the image of so-called electronic cigarettes. You can customize your favorite liquid container, mouthpiece, coil, etc. to use with the power output mechanism called a mod.

While the customizability is high, maintenance is complicated, which is a hurdle for beginners.

Another reason why we do not recommend this product for beginners is that the device has many functions such as adjusting the amount of smoke, adjusting the smoking experience, etc., and the operation is rather complicated.

However, once you get used to the device, you can enjoy the fun of building your own device, which can be called an e-cigarette swamp, and it is an essential device for those who want to start a serious e-cigarette business.

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